God delusion

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God delusion

A series of articles, by Frank Wilson, appeared in the Phila. Inquirer that reviewed the books of three science writers, Richard Dawkins, Francis Collins and Owen Gingerich.
I found this writer to be somewhat hostile to Dawkins and extremely apologetic towards Collins.
Read in order that they are posted, and I would be interested in any comments.




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'Somewhat hostile'.. you're

'Somewhat hostile'.. you're being too generous. The reviewers stance drips from them like so much blue sweat from a Gatorade commercial. I wonder how many brownie points they got from their church for these pieces?

About Frank Wilson

Frank Wilson is the book review editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He has been on the paper's staff since 1980.

A Philadelphia native, he is a graduate of Father Judge High School (A Catholic High School) and St. Joseph's University (A Jesuit school).

Oooh.. he's a Philly native. I so want to hear him interviewed by the Squad Evil

"Imperious, choleric, irascible, extreme in everything, with a dissolute imagination the like of which has never been seen, atheistic to the point of fanaticism, there you have me in a nutshell.... Kill me again or take me as I am, for I shall not change.

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Jesterspace wrote: Oooh..

Jesterspace wrote:

Oooh.. he's a Philly native. I so want to hear him interviewed by the Squad Evil

I was thinking the same thing but can't bring myself to read his material, as I've been warned by Razor several times.

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