World creation anniversary

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World creation anniversary

Did you know today (Oct 23) is the day in 4004 BC that God supposedly created the universe? So Happy 6,010th birthday universe! Laughing out loud

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Also, for those curious as

Also, for those curious as to how we can be sure of this date... they say the proof is in the pudding. C'mon girls grab that proof it's in there somewhere!

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And I didn't even get the

And I didn't even get the universe any presents...

If you're familiar with the nutty preacher Harold Camping, who does a radio show, he's written several books predicting the end of the world, using some weird Bible chronology. All of them, 100% wrong. And all of them, succeeded in a few years by the next shovelful of bullshit.

This time, he thinks it's going to be 2011. Jesus, brimstone, war, blah blah blah.

Camping keeps telling people they must get married. Um, can't think why-- you'll never see your sixth anniversary, and your kids will get to die in the apocalypse! Doesn't that make you suck more?

Ah, sanity. So fleeting.

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The Mayans predicted some

The Mayans predicted some day in Dec 2012.

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I heard it was in the

I heard it was in the jello. The one getting strattled is my ex Sticking out tongue

I personally know 3 people who have told me straight up they just KNOW the world is 4000 years old. But I wasn't invited to any birthday parties. Go figure

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Ok. This is officially the

Ok. This is officially the first time that I've seen Jello Wrestling combined with creationism. Frankly, I'd be more inclined to buy into it if they had more promo events like this.

Here's a link to something even more stupid...

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