New Atheist here!

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New Atheist here!

Hi I'm Michael Nguyen, I'm new to this forum. I used to lurk at
I'm still a practicing artist, I have my own gallery at:

I've been an atheist for my whole life. I had a short agnostic stint when I was introduced the concept of a "god" in Catholic School, but after that, I'm still pretty much religion-free.

I hate to sound militant, but I am pretty much against the whole idea of religion. I feel the religion is taking too much control in this world and it needs to be fought so the extremists won't grab hold our balls and ... well you know the rest. I pretty much hate all Abrahamic religions and I think they are now the most violent in the entire world because of its worldwide influence and power.

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Welcome aboard man. It's

Welcome aboard man. It's always nice to have another body around that's as fed up with religious bullshit as we are.

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here is where you can feel

here is where you can feel free to express those views ad nauseum, mike. and believe me, you'll find yourself hard-pressed to sound too militant.... i like to headline that field Evil

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Welcome dragomike, I think

Welcome dragomike, I think you'll be at home here.