One of my favorite poems... saw first on Def Poetry Jam

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One of my favorite poems... saw first on Def Poetry Jam

I met this single black white female
She was a valley-gangsta chick
A little confused, she said she was selling a bit.
I said, well if you're selling a bit? then I'm buying a bit.
She said she wanted to have cyber sex with me
So I sent her an email saying
Once you are on my web page
I'll know if we are IBM compatible.
My extension is longing for a power source
And your DSL is like an open bank.
I said I'm tired of playing with my palm pilot
Jump on your Netscape Navigator and get in my Internet Explorer.
And we can take a short cut through my neighborhood
And meet at my Interactive Playstation.
You know once she arrived at my site I served-her.
I interfaced with her floppy disk
I downloaded my hard drive into her software
As I was searching for viruses in the system
As I was about to set my margins
She jumped on my laptop
As she started scanning me for Megabytes
It wasn't Micro..soft
So she grabbed my mouse and double-clicked
I started to curs-or!
I said Mrs. Macintosh what the font are you doing!
Things were starting to get terminal
So that's when I opened my zip drive
Put on my surge protecter and polished my apple
Logged on? and hit the backspace
And jumped out the mutha-fuckin window .DOT. COM