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Answer Me Jesus

Answer Me Jesus (works like the old fashioned 8-Ball)

Finally answers the question What Would Jesus Do. Like a magic 8 ball but infinitely more wise. Answer Me Jesus™ delivers the answers you seek. Hold the wisdom of the Lord in the palm of your hand and let Jesus shepherd you through the quandaries of life. Hallelujah!

The Lord works in mysterious ways and now he will speak to you through this inspired plastic likeness. Hip and holy he possesses the power to amuse and offend. Never again will you have to wonder WHAT JESUS WOULD DO when you hold the answer in the palm of your hand. Fun and funny, this Answer Me Jesus™ is a blessed way to declare your faith or add a touch of holiness to any decor. Not intended for use by the closed-minded.

There's a demo where you can type in a question and it will give you an answer.

I asked "Would Jesus attend a screening of The God Who Wasn't There?

Answer: Yes My Child

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My question: Is the

My question: Is the Christian God real?

Jesus' answer: No chance in hell.

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That is great!

That is great!