The Man With 80 Wives

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The Man With 80 Wives

You guys have probably heard about Warren Jeffs lately in the news. He runs the FLDS, and he's been a fugitive for a long time. He's now been arrested, but I wanted to know more.

My former roommate uploaded a BBC documentary to me called "The Man With 80 Wives". I recommend that everyone download it (unless you're in the UK, and then you might have seen it). The man has his own temple of doom in El Dorado, TX.

It's an amazing documentary all about the FLDS and Jeffs, and as far as I know, the only way to get it is via the eDonkey network. My favorite client of choice is eMule. Once you have an eDonkey client like eMule installed, you should be able to click the following link. If not, you can go to Tools -> Paste eD2K links and paste the URI into the program.

eD2K link for The Man With 80 Wives

And here's the link to paste into eMule or another eDonkey client if you can't click the link: (MAKE SURE TO PUT IT ALL ON ONE LINE BEFORE PASTING)


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Man!, 80 wives, thats gotta

Man!, 80 wives, thats gotta be though. And I bet that the 80 mother in laws is even worse Smiling

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Imagine if it's "That time

Imagine if it's "That time of month" for all 80 at the same time!

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If anyone would like a bit

If anyone would like a bit more insight into the Mormor faith, I highly recommend "The Mormon Murders" by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith.

For a faith that prides itself in helping anyone with geneology, they sure do like to hide not only their own history, but ended up paying a great deal of money to buy documents (that were ultimately proven as forged) that would have shaken the Mormon Church to its roots had they come to light.

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My mom was actually baptised

My mom was actually baptised Mormon, and there are still some 2nd cousins/great uncles who are. She became more the non-church going christian. And of course, I took it one further and became atheist! Smiling

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