The Exodus Decoded?

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The Exodus Decoded?

Did anyone else watch this last night? I caught the rerun at midnight.

I'm no expert, but to me it felt like the guy was reaching. Also, he didn't spend enough time letting skeptics weigh in on his findings, the theists college professors were given much more time.

I couldn't help thinking "bullshit" the entire time I was watching the program, but as I just stated, I'm not an expert.

Any thoughts from those who are more knowledgeable? Rook maybe?

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this was a history channel

this was a history channel program, if i'm not mistaken? if not, possibly national geographic channel? watch carefully, and you'll see that the 'science' presented on these channels is presented by.....who? christian children's fund, among others. these channels are funded by christian money-laundering machines such as these, and seek to prey on the interests of the science-minded, knowing the likeliness that anybody would look into it.
the discovery channels have seemingly avoided this contamination of bunk. tell me it was on DSC or DTMS and i'll gladly eat my hat. i dropped it in some chili this afternoon.

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No, this was definitely on

No, this was definitely on the History channel. The same bullshitters who bring you "Jerusalm at the Time of Jesus" ..ehm...documtenaries....Why don't they bring us "Meca at the time of Mohammad?" Or, what about, "Olympas at the time of Zeus?"

The story of Moses is so completely falsifiable it's repugnant. Perhaps one day I'll write up a dissertation on why this is so. In fact, maybe I'll save that for my actual dissertation when I get there.

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I've heard people actually

I've heard people actually argue that because it's on the History Channel it must be true. Well, they've had things on UFO's, Bigfoot, Alien Abduction, Vampires, Psychics and other utterly ridiculous things. Of course Christianity is an utterly ridiculous thing, so hey!

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