Wow, check out this xian site I found! Unbelievable

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Wow, check out this xian site I found! Unbelievable

I finally realized how brilliant Jesus was and how he has been degraded and used for power and wealth by very evil people..
There is one, and only one thing you need to do in the real religion of this world and for all that exists. You must understand these words:

The Kingdom of God is inside you and all around you.
Not in mansions of stone or wood.
Split a piece of wood and I'll be there.
Lift a stone and you'll find me.
These are the words Jesus spoke.
Those who understand these words shall not taste death.

This is from

Okay for the shocking part:

On this site you can learn how to make meth, convert codein to herion, grow pot, make homemade booze, make LSD, LSA, and lots more! I shit you not. Smiling

* Chapter 1: How to make acid (D-lysergic acid diethylamide) LSD

* Chapter 2: (Making Crack-Cocaine)
------Common Way of Making Crack
-----The Best Damn Way to Making Crack

* Chapter 3: (Making Methamphetamine)
------Pseudo-ephedrine "pfed" and ephedrine "efed"
------Making Meth with Pseudo-ephedrine "pfed"
------Pseudo-ephedrine (extraction method) CLICK HERE for instructions.
-------Also found in chapter 18

It's all here on this godly site:

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How Christian of them!

How Christian of them! Laughing out loud

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it makes sense, seeing as

it makes sense, seeing as how god has been known to "burn some bush" every now and then. lol

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what the hell?? how do

what the hell?? how do people ignore that crap ? I should prolly give this site to one of my friends... lol j/k