Why There Are So Many Cat Lovers At This Forum

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Why There Are So Many Cat Lovers At This Forum

Cats are freethinkers!
1. Cats and freethinkers are independent by nature. It is not that they are antisocial, but they do not need constant approval of their peers in order to live happily.
2. Have you ever seen obedience school for cats? Or a freethought "church" where you are told what to think?
3. Cats and freethinkers do not easily suffer guilt. Their moral code is intrinsic. For the most part, they naturally do the right thing.
4. Cats and freethinkers live in the here and now, savoring their existence rather than anticipating celestial reward (the "nine lives" theory and eternity notwithstanding).
5. Both may demand their due (meals for cats; constitutional rights for freethinkers), but they will not grovel for it!
6. Cats and freethinkers will not accept lords or masters. They are their own gods!

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I'm a dog person.

I'm a dog person.

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My dog is a real bitch...

My dog is a real bitch... both meanings

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oh man...cat lovers have got to check this one out. Shocked

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OMG so many cute cats! I

OMG so many cute cats! I love dogs too, and I miss my old dog, but I find I prefer to have a cat around. Besides, my cat is so affectionate and perky she ACTS kind of like a dog. One of my friends always tells her if the other cats find out how she acts, they'll take away her kitty license.

Here's Schala....She's half-tabby, half-Siamese and she's mute....she can't meow....She makes little "hgah!" breathing noises or pats my leg gently when she wants to get my attention.