Actually, I *Could* Use Some Pointers...

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Actually, I *Could* Use Some Pointers...

...but only becaue I'm trying to debate through the wall of painkiller fog. It's often difficult, since it;s hard to get my thoughts out coherently. But the debate I'm having is listed in the Theist vs Atheist section, or if you don't feel like looking it up: Click Here assuming you have MySpace.

Surajo is a really nice guy, so this is a friendly discussion/debate we're having. I've never debated a Muslim before, so it's interesting. There's subtle differences in our discussions we've had on other blogs from what I've had with Christians.

I don't think I'll be able to sway him, but I'm always open to evidence of a God. I doubt I'll get any, but it's fun to debate the topic anyway.