A few questions to Sapient and Kelly

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A few questions to Sapient and Kelly


First off i just got done watching a few diferent versions of you debate on ABC.

Make note.. I follow the news quite well and this is the first time i even heard about this debate. (Here on the forums)

 Here is my question.... Under the cercumstances It seems the only version of the debate availiable online is a heavily edited versions that make kirk and his lacky look better. (Still trying to find a unedited version damnit !!) Now i Saw a vid you posted about how you have not recieved the unedited version of the entire debate.  What mechanics if any are you thinking of using to force them to send it to you ? (Or have they already sent it?) 

I was shocked many times by what they were claiming as evidence.... Good job guys .. (I know a little late.. But this just happend for me.. So hopefully you will understand why i made this thread)  

Second question.. How the hell did you guys restrain yourself from kicking the shit out of that reporter outside of the church ? Sticking out tongue

Seriusly ... Im not a violent person .. But if someone was treating me like that i would have punched him or turned around and walked off.


And lastly...... I want to thank both of you for going to the debate and also providing those of us here a place to discuss the issues.

(But really....... The people want to know!! Why didn't you punch them Sticking out tongue