CNN Youtube Republican Debate.

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CNN Youtube Republican Debate.

I know there is another thread somewhere here, but cannot find it.

I am going to the Youtube CNN site right now and vote to get the atheist question up. Lets stick with this even after all the Youtube debates are over.

It doesnt stop here. We need to e-mail all the canidates weither or not we are voting for them and remind them of "no religious test". We need to show up to campain rallies, again, weither or not we are voting for them. If anything to put ourselves in a postion to directly face to face ask the canidates in person, when possible.

My next post I will link to my prior list of candidates websites.

DISCLAIMER, this post is my personal post and is not an endorsement by RRS or it's owners. It is NOT a call to vote for a particular candidate. It is merely a call to remind candidates of their Constitutional duty to maintain "no religious test" as per OUR United States Constitution.

If someone else finds the other thread for the Youtube debates, please post it here, and post it on other atheist sites as well. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTISIPATION.

AND TO THE THEISTS READING THIS, THIS IS NOT A CALL TO CREATE A ATHEIST FACIST STATE! So give up your pathetic fearmongering and understand this is merely a call to remind those seeking office that OUR goverment needs to be neutral on the issue of religion and does best when it leaves that issue up to the individual.

Is the thread with websites to the candidates, if one was missed, please add it to that post, or add it here. I will be putting the link to the websites in my sig untill the general ellection next November in 08. This is not a Republican vs Democrat issue, this is a matter of challenging those in power to uphold the Constitution and "no religious test".

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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