Global warmning, OP/ED................

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Global warmning, OP/ED................

I do tend to think that we have some influance ALOT on what we do as a species.

Some say that humans dont have an impact on temperature and that it is a cycle. Ok, fine, even if I beleved that.

Lets say you have a porta potty at a construction site in Alaska and  one on the equator in Africa. If this porta potty is serviced and maintained in both places neither need worry about it filling up and overflowing.

But, if the company that services the porta potty cant keep up  it eventually overflows. A polluted ice cube is the same as a polluted sauna. Should it matter what the tempurature of the planet is? Or should it matter how much waste is produced vs the ability to take care of it efficiantly so it minimizes harm to the species? 

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