Dumbsoso vs Hitchens on BOOK TV, CALLING YOU OUT!

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Dumbsoso vs Hitchens on BOOK TV, CALLING YOU OUT!

I got woken up early by my cat because he doesnt understand daylight savings, his tummy doesnt know what a clock is. Anywho, I stumbled across the NY debate on CSPAN's BOOK TV.

There were some things obviously that Dumbsoso said that mentally had me screaming at the TV.

He agreed with Hitchens that, mind you I am paraphrazing here, that "If a man came up to me(dumbsoso) and claimed that his leg instantaniously grew 3 feet, that yes, I would say, lets go into a lab and mesure it "Refuring to the need for emperical evidence.

My point is simple. Ok fuckwad, you agree that emperical evidence has a value. THEN DONT CHERRY PICK ASSHOLE! Take that same standard and demand evedence that 3 day old dead human flesh can reconstitue itself.

You have nothing Dumbsoso. You know it as well as we do, you are merely letting your ego of "I cant be wrong" allow you to buy such an absurdity. You might as well believe that Thor actually makes lightening and might as well believe that Peter Pan can actually fly.

The other thing that pissed me off is that Hitchens rightfully mentioned British Christian imperialists forcing Christianity on an Indian(India) outpost. Not up on that world history, BUT....

Dumbsoso basically said that YES, they did use bayonetts to force Christianity on that culture, BUT HE WASNT SORRY THAT IT HAPPENED!

REALLY, so  blacks today should thank their ansestor's who were owned by white Christians for the fact that they forced them to convert to Christianity?

You call yourself moral? You are a fucking idiot! 

You simply dont like the fact that atheists point out fiction as fiction. You dont like the fact that you have no emperical evidence for a disimbodied being knocking up a 9-14 girl. You have no emperical evidence that dead human flesh can survive rigor mortis.

TOO BAD DUMBSOSO! Your petty attacks to demonize rational people as evil merely because they say, "that is not true|" wont work. We are exposing the myth behind the curtain and your deity will in the future be classed in the same graveyard as Thor where it should be.

If anyone lacks morals, it is you. You talked about the 10 commandments being good law for everyone. FORTUNATLY FOR ME, assholes like you will not be able to force the 10 commandments on me, especially the 1rst "thou shalt have no gods before me" has been negated by wise deists and theists in the form of THE FIRST AMENDMENT which says I dont have to believe your silly petty supperstious tyrant in the sky.

You have no intelectuall guts to even attempt to emperically demonstrate either the birth or death of Jesus. Why, because you know it is absurd but refuse to accept it as absurd because of your deep indoctrination. You might as well believe that Santa is real while you are at it. If Horus can die as a deity, so can the hocus pocus claims of the Christian Jesus.

But we will not as skeptics fear your petty demonization of people who have more common sense than to buy superstition. You are nothing but a myth lover who has deluded themselves so badly they dont even realize it.

And another issue I have with you Dumbsoso. You said that Christianity invented the concept of self sacrifice. BULLSHIT!|

It was the first to popularize a superstious source. But I am quite sure long before the fictional character Jesus came into being as a claim, pleanty of people jumped in front of swords to save a buddy(self sacrafice for the benifit of another).

It is bullshit to say that "Jesus" was the first. Christianity just like Coke and Pepsi merely mannaged to market itself and spread. Christianity was the first religion to popularize "self sacrafice" as a magical superstitious source.

But it is bullshit to say that in nomadic times that one human wouldnt seek to sacrifice their own life so that another cold live. That concept is inherant in humans and is an evolutionary trate.

If anything the concept of Jesus cheapens the nature of "self sacrafice" by giving it hocus pocus trates, insted of recognizing that it is something all humans naturally have within them.

There is not magical being needed to understand why, for example, a parent would push their kid out from infront of a bus about to hit them and sacrifice their own life to save the kid.

"Jesus" died for our sins? Is not even a sacrifice. Why is he, according to your bible in heaven? A sacrifice would mean getting nothing in return without expectation. If God were to really sacrafice his son, then his son should never come back, THAT would be a sacrafice.

Of course I dont buy the claim of a zombie god, merely pointing out your horrible logic.

Sacrafice is not a new concept to humanity and was not an invention of Christianity anymore than love, or taking a dump. These are part of our evolution and do not need hocus pocus to explain it.

You want to remain deluded in your superstition, be my guest. But we are tired of your bullshit lies that we are out to spark up ovens and stick you in them. Our arguments dont need goverment bayonetts, unlike some(NOT ALL)Christians, which you admited you were not sorry it happened. 

So, my challenge to you DUMBSOSO is stop being an intellectall coward and stop Cherri picking the bible and come up with emperical evidence demonstrating spirit sperm and zombie gods, I awaite your sceintifically peer reviewed material. 

"God did it" wont cut it anymore than "Thor did it" or "Vishnu did it". 

In any case, you will not get away with treating atheists like scum. You can sit on my middle finger and roatate if you think that we will put up with that. Make the case for your god all you want, but dont expect us to buy your superstition and dont expect us to politically take a back seat to you in a free country. We are allowed to compete and we will compete. We are not going to opress you, but if our arguments are solid and they are, you should be brave enough to question yourself. However, like most, you are an intelectuall coward.

I'm damned sure glad Jefferson didnt base our Constitution on your bullshit, "Question with boldness even the existance of God, for if there be one, surely he would pay more homage to reason than to that of blindfolded fear."

So, Dumbsoso, I challenge you to emperically prove and replicate the birth and death of Jesus. I am sure with daddy on your side as being all powerfull, he should care enough about you to not allow you to look like an ass and come up empty handed. But, dont worry, I wont hold my breath. 

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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