To Brian, Kelly and the rest of the RRS Team

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To Brian, Kelly and the rest of the RRS Team

    I would like to say thank you for all your work, and for what you have formed and are trying to spread. I have been pondering the last few weeks, how this website has affected me personally, and it's effect of it's message to others. I have encountered many websites, and organizations. However what I find unique about this website and for the most it's members is that it shows that atheists are a diverse group, made up of all types, intellectuals, scientifics, your average joe, and people who want to make a difference to have their voices heard. Many of the organizations that I am aware that are pro-atheists are usually but not always full of scientists, philosophers and intellectuals. This is where most of the average people tend to avoid usually these groups (from what many have told me, and personal experience) out of fear of rejection (they are intellectually superior) of shyness due to their ignorance on many topics.


    Throughout this world that I have had the pleasure to travel, I have encountered many reactions towards atheists views, many are neutral, however many are not and are towards the more violent/verbally abusive. In many parts of the world atheists do not have a voice and are by societies standards worthless of a citizen than a believer, even if that believer is of another religion. Even in the US where FREEDOM of speech supposedly exists, many churches and many people would want nothing more than to have atheists cencored, and many in the US consider atheists not even worthy of citizenship (considering the freedom of the pursuite of happiness doesn't state that one has to be a believer, then of course there is the freedom of speech thing and various other articles that are protected by the consitution) I applaud you for you stand, for your hard work and for pusuing what you believe to be right.

    In the end of it all, theists and non theists have the right to their opinion, to excercise their freedom of speech and their freedom to religion (or lack of). Not all atheists are intellectuals, many are just normal every day people with every day jobs, although i am grateful for the many known atheists, it both a boon and a curse and they tend to be part of the better educated (scientific/philosophic community i mean) and many people in society tend to associate atheism with these types (not that there is nothing wrong with this), however this website shows that it is not true and that we atheists/non religious/brights or whatever else they wish to identify themselves as are just like everyone else, we may not always understand the principles beyond many scientific theories or even understand what the heck they are talking about, however we can understand why we don't believe in god(s), in the most basic of terms, those beliefs make no sense once just a little bit of critical thinking occurs.


    Again thank you for it all.


P.S. I know it's long winded it's 3:43 AM and out of my sleep decided to write this...