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Domain for sale

Well, recently, I bought a domain from godaddy, but my host decided to drop my hosting because he thought my site was PRO god.


Well, it wasn't, so my hosting was revoked. Basically, the site is useless to me now (I also don't have the time to manage a website) so I figured what would be the place to sell it to than you guys.

The domain is '' and I registered it for a year. I really don't want it, and I'll part with it for like, 5 dollars paypal, not a lot to be honest.

Sorry if I'm not supposed to post topics like this here, but I really want the domain to go to use and not end up as one of those search engines. If anyone is interested, feel free to email me at [email protected] or just reply to this, for I check the forums frequently (but just now registered)


Thanks alot,



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Sorry, I only buy demesnes.

Sorry, I only buy demesnes.