The Art of Aruging

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The Art of Aruging

Hey everyone!

I just picked up a book titled 'Thank You For Arguing' by Jay Heinrichs. (Amazon link here.) The subtitle is 'What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson can teach us about the art of persuasion' and that pretty much sums it up, as a good title should. I'm finding it to be a really great read; lots of good information on building arguments. I know that being an atheist often means arguing, and I just wanted to pass this book on to others Laughing It's already provided me with good insight into how to attack an argument, and how to understand the different concepts involved in persuading someone; better ways to build an argument against, or destroy an argument for, theism.

It's really fun to read, and the author is very well studied in the art of rhetoric. Does anyone else have a book recommendation along these lines?

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