Sam Harris, fix the GOD word, make it Atheist ?

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Sam Harris, fix the GOD word, make it Atheist ?

Sam Harris, fix the GOD word, make it Atheist ? are we trying to help others or flatter ourselves? Both are indeed good .... does this make any sense, "I am God as you" ? ..... god god dog , bark bark ... Taking Sam Harris' advise, why not take the "god" word for our atheist selves ?. It works well on debunking my many christian friends. I even give them basic scripture, buddhist ideas too. "I am god as you", I say. Personally I can be also a bit of a creationist fan I tell them, look at what WE have created I"ll say, see we are indeed GOD. Zero miracles is god, but always creating, god creates as evolution science is proving, and just throw even some mystery star dust in there and wammo.We are god in the workings of god, all is god, I think the atheists should grap up the GOD word for themselves. Instead of rejecting the god word, .... to re invent it. I'm posting this as I go nite nite, god sleeps too ! I've only come to RRS for help, to help the world?, I am almost dead, but science says energy never dies ! Science saved me, Philosophy helped me, Religion lied to me ..... thanks RRS ps, some ramble, I can barely do this pc internet thing, guitar and music was always my passion. I've mentioned the audio books of , Neale Donald Walsch , because it really is a "starting" technique to bebunking all the religious, ... in old my post, "Heal the christians, give them god". later, I'll check back , all insults also welcomed ... RRS is famous for that ... behave, LOVE from indignation, heal the retards, stop the enemy with kindness. that important Sam Harris blog again, The Problem with Atheism so what does the god word mean anyway? ... not to me , d'ah , thats all the problem, GOD what? back to love biology science, etc ..... have a nice day ? with WAR tomarrow ? , not me .... not you. I AM GOD AS YOU, is this blog a poem ? I heard Chris Hedges is a good drunk, is that true? I hope so, my mom was and half my favorite people are good drinkers, Hey, jesus and the founding fathers were all brewers ! Have fun. Make only fun. fix the world. here's some interesting real people, , I get the feeling I will never figure this entirely out, me GOD ....