For atheists who like darker themed music...

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For atheists who like darker themed music...

...but cannot seem to escape the ever annoying concepts of satanic elitism or juvenile and not very well thought out angry, and reactionary music. This is the main site of a man in florida who creates very dark and haunting music, but with lyrics based on intellectual reflection and personal motivation towards a reality based world. He comes out of Ft. Lauderdale florida, and has a few releases coming out this year on a few underground labels. This is the website of a canadian band who's lyrics entail also very deep reflections on science, religion, and the beauty of a world where self achievement and enjoying reality needs to be achieved. Another Canadian band with lyrics based soley on the need for philisophical and intellectual awakening towards a logic and reason based manner of thinking. A Jazzy, Doomy Ambient Project from the same guy as benighted in sodom.  Jazzy, Dark ambient almost neoclassical from the before mentioned individual. 

I want to make the clear distinction that the artists involved with all of this music are 100% atheist, and do not at all endorse satanism, the occult, or any other self defeating "suicidal" stance that almost all underground dark music seems to pride itself on. They themselves have firm stances on the necessity of rational and scientific thought and how they need to take on a stronger role in the modern western world.


 I hope you guys enjoy!



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you should check out Five Finger Death Punch