War is good for conversion

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War is good for conversion

Here's a little segment that I got in one of my e-mails from the Jesus Film Project:

"Of course, you know each soldier in harm's way is acutely aware that he or she could be killed at any time by a hidden roadside bomb or booby-trapped building. We pray that God protects them all. That constant threat causes thousands of our soldiers--especially those from non-Christian homes to be extremely open to watching "JESUS.""

How wonderful. The fundies see the possible obliteration of non-Christians from violent warfare as good grounds for evangelism. I'm supposing they view war and all the bloodshed it has to offer as a good thing since they soldiers, in their emotional state, are more receptive to religious brainwashing.

The e-mail ends with a plea for more money (as money is the root of all religion) because soldiers don't need body armor, they need religion.

In the issue of fairness their phone number is 1-800-918-9929 in case you want to give a donation or tell them how great they are doing.

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I guess they haven't read

I guess they haven't read TheSarge's blog posts, huh?