Books to recommend to Christians?

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Books to recommend to Christians?

So, suppose you have an openminded Christian... one who accepts science (or remains largely apathetic, etc.), but clings to faith adamantly. Conversations centering around the issue of faith seem to reveal to you that more than anything, he fears the "emptiness" and "coldness" of a universe without a god watching over him. He has read the Bible every day for the past decade or so, and attends church regularly. Though in passing, he rarely jokes about the subject of god, saying things like "Yeah, man probably made god up to feel better, but damn if it didn't work." You can't tell exactly how he feels on the subject, as he has quite the good sense of humor in general and jokes about absolutely everything else.


So if you had such a man or woman, who trusted you enough to take your suggestions on reading one to three books, which would you recommend? Given the unique case, I fear recommending anything too polemic, as it would cause him to recoil. Ideally, I'd like to give the fellow a book on god and atheism that promotes the good things within human nature in the absense of a god, as well as a book on the flaws of Christianity. I only own academic books which tend to have a polemic slant and, frankly, may lose his interest.


Can anyone recommend a few books which would inform this person as well as make his life not seem meaningless without god? 

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This is a bit difficult to

This is a bit difficult to do. Each person has arrived at his delusional state fo rdifferent reasons/experiences. That said, if the person is actually fairly intelligent then there are a few books that will undermine their fantasy:

1. The Bible Unearthed - Finkelstein

Exposes the Old Testament as being contradictory to the field of Archaeology. 

2.  101 Myths of the Bible - Grenberg

Exposes the orgins of the Old Testament stories as being much older myths borrowed for surrounding culturs and retold to invent a new history.

3. The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man - Price

Examines the reliability of the "eye-witness" accounts of the Jesus myth. 

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