Debating Christians (moved to Freethinking Anonymous)

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Debating Christians (moved to Freethinking Anonymous)

A couple of days ago someone gave me a flyer about a nearby church inviting people to attend their meetings, prayers, etc. After I realized what was on the flyer I returned it with the remark that I’m an atheist. This resulted in a conversation that lasted about 20 minutes - as a rational responder I just could not be silent. At the end he invited me to come to one of their bible studies. I do not really know what they do during bible study, but if they allow me to debate them, I am going to go there (I’m just not sure yet, whether my RRS shirt would be too offensive - LOL).

Do you have any advices?

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My advice is don't go. They

My advice is don't go. They are not going to allow you to hold a open debate. They will gang up on you and later feel self-righteous and look down on you as being disruptive. Take them on one at a time if you feel inclined or invite them here.

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