How has religion changed your loved ones?

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How has religion changed your loved ones?

My second-eldest sister is a bit of a religious zealot.  She depends on her idea of the Christian God for everything and is now incapable of making a decision in her life without giving God complete credit for leading her to it.  Even deciding to go to one restaurant over another requires a nudge from God, in her mind.  She's addicted to the fellowship of other Christians, publicly confesses every single remotely saucy of non-Christian thing she's ever done to her congregation, and has told me that her still being alive is absolute proof that God exists, because she was presumably depressed at one time and pondered the idea of suicide.  Worst of all, she's one of those infuriating Christians who refuses to debate anything about her faith with anyone. 

The annoying thing is, she was sort of without religion between early high school and late college.  She wasn't a full-fledged atheist, but she definitely wasn't a Christian.  And she was really cool at that point.  She thought for herself, was really creative, had excellent taste in music and movies, and was fully capable of intelligent discussion.  To become a Christian, she dumbed herself down so drastically that it's tragic.  It's like her brain has gone numb, and she's no longer the kind of person that anyone moderately intelligent can stand to be around for over fifteen minutes.

So, I'm wondering, how have you noticed your newly religious friends or family members have changed since their conversions?  Has their illogic bled into other areas of their lives?  Have you noticed that their new beliefs have been detrimental to their relationships or careers?  I'd love to hear how religion has altered your loved ones.