LA Times Religion reporter's writes on his loss of religion

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LA Times Religion reporter's writes on his loss of religion

This article was amazingly written:,0,3530015,full.story?coll=la-home-center

It's interesting to read how he begins as a normal Christian full of faith then with more and more knowledge about the ugly side of religion he ascends towards unbelief.  What is amazing in the article is that he can convey a message without saying a word.  When he mentions how a Catholic congregation wants to dedicate part of the church to a confessed pedophile he silently shouts that religious devotion, or brainwashing, outdoes common sense.

The occurance of faith-based rapists, dead beats, coincides with mentions of how religion is a business used to con people out of money by advertising promises and miracles and delivering false hope with every cashed check.

Between the lines in his story I read a plea for everyone to just give up on organized religion.  I think he still holds onto a sense of spiritualism but shakes his head at the idol of religion and the immorality it provides to society. 

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It's amazing what people

It's amazing what people that watch TBN will believe!