Ideas I want to get out

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Ideas I want to get out

First off let me say Hello to everyone. I have been lurking around and I felt it was time for me to share some ideas I have had to try to make this world a better place. Let me start by saying that I am a thinker. I think of many different ways in and out of many different situations but I have a short attention span and my ideas are fleeting and I need to share them with people that hopefully can make something of them before I forget them or before I become bored with them.

The first of my ideas right now started with me watching TV a couple of weeks ago. Every now and then this commercial comes on that shows the Chirstian Childrens Foundation in a third world country asking for us to adopt a child by sending them money. I'm sure if you watch TV you have seen the commercial. I was thinking that maybe someone can start drive or something of that nature to give out learning materials/rational science books etc. to these people so that when they do come to our country or stay in theirs they can make it a better place. IF enough people pitch in I believe it is possible to not only educate them but feed them so they too can get the chance to make a difference in this world. The same theory also works for those in impoverished schools here in America (especially in Texas. Tongue out)

My next idea idea is more of a life goal of mine IF I have enough money to accomplish it. Due to my lack of my income and an undiagnosed condition of adult ADD I believe the only way I can accomplish this is if I win the mega lottery. It all has to deal with organ transplants. I read stories of people/children that are extremely sick and are dying and all they need to live is an organ transplant. These transplants are few and far between and cause unneeded suffering and death. I also have read articles on how researchers can grow said organs but it costs a serious chunk of money just to grow them. My idea (starting off anyway) would be to start a fund that will give a person a second chance at life by buying an organ for that person or (hopefully) many, many people. The long term goal would be to open organ growth centers around the world so everyone that needs a new organ can have one grown and readily avaiable when/if needed. This long term goal though is one that I dont think I can accomplish unless someone has the lottery numbers for next weeks Powerball.

I know what alot I have said is wishful thinking but I thought I just throw those out there to get people's reaction and maybe, just maybe, someone out there will read this and do something more than I can. I will try to post more ideas if/when I get them. Much feedback info is greatly appreciated.

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Your organ transplant idea

Your organ transplant idea is a good one.  However, I don't know that a complete organ has ever been grown and transplanted successfully.

I think about the most I've seen on the subject was an outer ear was grown on the back of a mouse.  I don't know if it was ever transplanted, though.

I applaud you for wanting to win Powerball (or whatever) to further these goals.  I'd love to be a philanthropist, too.  But if I win Powerball, I readily admit that the first thing I'd do is pay off my bills and RETIRE.  (That ol' Day Job just gets in the way of what I want to do!)

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