Writing an essay(Pural?)

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Writing an essay(Pural?)

Some heads up as to why I'm doing this. I'm moving to Virginia over the 4th of July. Norfolk, to be exact. Anywho, I need something to occupy my mind while I look for a job and get college stuffs situated SO I figured an essay or two... or three... would be the most appropriate thing to do. I know, the logic seems ssa sdrawkcab but I'm ALSO planning on losing 20 pounds over the next few months, so this coupled with work and school will all help.

So, onto what I'm wanting to write about.

The first essay would be over critical thinking and probability. Nothing too deep, kind of scratching the surface of it all which would lead logical and illogical thought. The second essay would go into the specifics of Ochams Razor and how to apply it to basic concepts like gravity, deceleration, and... I dunno, something else that's neat. The third essay would bring this all together and describe the improbality of a god using things like Ochams Razor, critical thinking, and logical thought.

I might have a mini-essay covering the evolution of religion.

Now, I know all of this is vastly covered in several hundred thousand books, essays, and everything... really. However, this is mainly to help educate me and help occupy time before I get other gears turning.

SO, so am I making a thread about it?

Well, I'd like to make all of this a little easier by getting a series of links, titles of books, some magazines, or really anything that would make all of this easier to research.

I'll probably also post updates on it all here, probably also posting it as a whole here (if able).