Experiment im conducting.

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Experiment im conducting.

     Ok its not a scientific experiment im conducting,but religious beliefs are very unscientific
so it doesnt really matter.Heres what I am doing.For the past 2 weeks I have been watching a shitload of religious videos,bible quotes etc. ,trying to brainwash myself away from atheism and become a believer.Watching and reading with an open mind,and blocking
everything I know about the sciences from my thoughts.So far the closest i could possibly get to believing is well its only a slight possibility.It seems impossible to find anything that makes me go wow god must be real,its the only possibility.All I see over and over again are rehashes of old arguments, god of the gaps,how were we created w/o a creator,complexity of life being impossible without the divine creator,you know the usual crap.
     Has anyone ever actually seen what could be considered a good argument?
Something that could make a person who thinks for himself would begin to seriously wonder who didnt have it beat into his head from a young age?
    To me sofar it seems the only possible reasons for believing is either brainwashing from a young age,or using god did it as an easy way out instead of thinking.

"Faith does not give you the answers, it just stops you asking the questions."--Frater Ravus

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I've tried this a couple of

I've tried this a couple of times.

Fortunately I seem to have developed an automatic fallacy targetting system. Without trying, I instantly spot the moment a theist argument tries to slip one past. Maybe It's just that they haven't come up with a new argument ni the 25 years since I was born and I've heard them all in so many different forms that I'm already too familiar with their flaws.

I'd say indocrtination from youth is the best way. It's harder to convince someone to believe in magic once they understand how the world works without it.

Did the brainwashing experiments of the cold war actually take place or was that purely a concept from movies/propaganda. Perhaps constant bombardment with christian apologetics for a few months will weaken you.

The only other option I see is for you to develop an emotoional need to believe or be a part of the religious community. We already know religion does not hold up to logic but then human beings are not driven by logic. We are driven by emotion, we just use logic to justify our emotion or as a tool to achieve what our emotions want. People do seem to be able to bypass logic when strong enough emotion is involved.

This is how cults gain members. Find someone who needs acceptance and meaning and offer it to them in the form of your zany belief. The will believe, not because you are talking sense, but because they want to belong to your group and want the feeling of meaning you offer.

How far are you prepared to go?

Oh, a lesson in not changing history from Mr. I'm-My-Own-Grandpa!