instead of swaying someone, have you been the cause of......

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instead of swaying someone, have you been the cause of......

Well since the topic of swaying someone to atheistic/secular group, I was wondering if you have ever been accused/told that you were the reason that someone choose to be a christian? I ask this because this came up in conversation about 3 years ago, my best friend (and best man at my wedding) started attending a christadelphian church (which is/was under federal investigation for money laudering and a few other charges to which am not privi to). He came to me about 2 months after he started going to this church and straight out accused me of being a bad influence and the cause of his sinful life. So far he is the only case that i am aware of.

Now let me give my side of the story here and what i did, or supposedly did. It all stems down 2 a few things, strippers, weed, alcohol, and logical thinking. I will start off with, alcohol, i drink, not massively, not every weekend, but i do enjoy a good drink, guinness or tequila, either or, it's all good to me. Apparently his inability to hold his alcohol and his inability to comphrend that i just simply am able to hold my alcohol better, started this downward spiral into sin. Since he couldn't keep up with me, he drank more in his attempt to keep up with me (hint, pull a dean martin, act drunk and just keep with the same drink all night long) he never understood this, i can however when i do decide to drink, can drink alot and still walk, i don't stumble or act all stupid (i don't need alcohol for that Sticking out tongue). However basic understanding of how different bodies process alcohol different eluded him i believe, plus he never understood why i never got a hangover, tell you the truth, a big big glass of water before going to bed.

This leads to my next part, strippers/peelers, we would go maybe once a month, with our friends, I never went solo, and our friends included women (my wife and i have gone many times) Apparently because i introduced him to strippers (I got 2 for his 25th b-day) and we went to strippers every once in a while, he got addicted to them. Now once i found out this addiction, i was the first to go and talk to him. I completely explained the difference between going with friends and going solo. I also explained that how much in debt he was getting into (about 300 - 500 bucks a week), this was the first hint of something else and the first time i was accused of being a bad influence. Again I explained to him the difference of what we did as a group, plus the fact that i never went to the peelers solo. We went out to have fun with friends, it wasn't about the strippers but having fun, at least that's why I went with my friends.

The weed part. Ok i smoke weed, i have no problems admiting this, i smoke it at parties (so far i haven't gone to one in about 2 years in which weed is being passed around) After snowboarding all day long (haven't gone in 3 years) or if i am with friends relaxing at the cottage and someone has some on them (last summer). Now my friend was living with a bunch of his friends, they are all christians of different dominations, except for one buddhist who lived a very clean life. They smoked weed every day. yet some how because i smoked it with him and because i was the one who introduced it to him, i am at fault. Now again, i never even asked him to smoke, he asked me, and wanted to try it. Yet some how living with people that smoked all day wasn't ANY influence on him. Yet smoking with me a few times a year (before moving in with his christian friends) was the cause of him smoking every day.

Now the logical part. I sat down twice with him, first time for about 7 hours explaining how it was his inability to see that weak will and the influence that his roomates had on him with the weed was the cause of this, not me. I never once forced him to do anything, never did i twist his arm or said anything in a threatening manner. I never told anyone what they can do or not, i always said if you don't want to just say so, it's cool with me, i don't care. As well i tried to help him as much as i possibly could, even suggested going to rehab. Yet when his christian friends decided to go to church and stop smoking weed, he followed their lead. Somewhere along the line, it all became my fault. I was the atheist and the bad influence and bad seed of society, the cause of all the ills of the world. 

We had then a 8 or 9 hour discussion of my atheism and my bad influence. In the end I basically told him in the most logical and with reason why i didn't believe in god, why societies ills are not due to atheism and how many secular nations, but not communist nations because they have an ideology and dogma as well,  have far better living standards than religious nations. Provided lots of evidence, documentation and reasoning for my stance. His statement besides many many attempts to prove god with gaps in knowledge of science, massive MASSIVE use of pascals wager (i even showed him the illogical assuption of this) and the use of emotion and threat of hell, was, why don't you just try to believe in jesus.

I know this is quite long winded, i apologize. But i figured i would give ya an idea of where this topic is coming from. 

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Interesting reading. All I

Interesting reading.

All I can say is I'm sad to see marijuana frowned upon so much Smiling Anyway I don't think anyone has chosen to become a christian because of me.

I can't see how he can blame anyone for what he did. Sure there's peer pressure but don't you kind of grow out of that stage after the age of 18? Unless you made him do things then it's rediculous to blame you, or that's how I see it anyway