Evidence against 'Gap Theory'

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Evidence against 'Gap Theory'

I've been watching theist YouTubes, and getting all bent out of shape about the constant use of the 'gap theory', or 'the lack of transitional fossils'.

So after a quick google I found these:



The first one is a bit wordy, but it clearly explains all evidence of horse evolution.

The second one (my favourite, with pics) shows the evolutionary tree with the offshoot that contains the modern horse.

it seems that the horse fossil record is very full if not complete. This shows an obvious (to me) gradual transition, and I believe would make great flash cards for future debates. As opposed to the ridiculous 'hybrid' animals paraded by 'wonder boy' at the last debate.

Alternatively, if anyone is good with Flash, maybe a 'horse evolution animation' done in conjunction with the FLORIDA MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY and some higher resolution images.

Maybe an RRS hosted repository of debate material (images, animations, references, sound bytes etc) would be a good idea?

Just thinkin' out loud.

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There's a thread somewhere

There's a thread somewhere when we were attempting to number all the theist arguments since we've heard them all so often.

Hah!  I found it.  Number Theist Arguments

It's a start anyway. 

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