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America's Next Top Atheist

Has anybody been watching "America's Next Top Model"? I haven't seen it myself, but my girlfriend has been watching it and it seems as if their is a xian vs atheist theme. Any thoughts? And does anyone know where one might see a clip of the show where they mention this?

Also, wanted to announce that I have officially converted my girlfriend from christianity to atheism. Have also made 3 of my closest friends rethink their religious beliefs. They have become more agnostic rather than christian/catholic. Thanks to the help of groups like these and their loads of information and especially their videos. The videos, especially ones like "The Naked Truth", help in explaining the obviouse: that all forms of religion are basically mythology.

 Still love being Atheist!

Your Polish Atheist friend,

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Season One was being

Season One was being replayed on We on Sunday and did have a bit of an xian vs atheist encounter. The athiest laughably described herself as a "Militant Athiest" but when push came to shove she folded like a house of cards. She was prestented with the perfect opportunity to be a militant but she chose to run away rather than even stand up for her beliefs. 

The xain called her in to a room and put the bible in front of her and had her read Psalm 14:1 "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God."  She read it.  Then silently walked away.  The complained about it behind her back.  She something about she thought the xain was in idiot for believing in such "tripe".  Which was good and funny.  And I'm glad they aired it.  But it would have been so nice if she truly was militant and let her have it.

The highlight of the season was when the xain being robed and bare chested underneath opened her robe and flaunted her body to a photo shoot director.  She later refused to pose nude due to her religious principles.  They called her out on the carpet for her hypocrisy and sent her packing.

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I personally would rather

I personally would rather slam my testicles in a car door than watch a reality TV show.

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MattShizzle wrote:
I personally would rather slam my testicles in a car door than watch a reality TV show.


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mental torture > physical

mental torture > physical torture ...

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I actually did slam my

I actually did slam my testicles in a car to void watching reality TV with my girl friend. Ironically, I was then forced to watch myself appear on the reality TV show "Hospital."