Stolen concept fallacy.

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Stolen concept fallacy.

I'm having trouble understanding exactly what this is. Anyone mind explaining it to me in somewhat easier terms.

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Here is the original essay

Here is the original essay concerning the Stolen Concept Fallacy

It's a form of self contradiction.
"I have two good reasons not to believe in numbers."
This person uses the number 2 after denying the existence of numbers.
So he has stolen the concept of '2' from a number based system that he has denied.

The application on RRS tends to be to God's characteristics.
Theists claim that God is supernatural, that is outside of space, time, nature etc. Then they give God attributes like intelligence, patience, kindness.
However, these concepts are natural concepts, that is they have spacial-temporal structure to them. So when you apply naturalistic concepts outside of nature, you have stolen from naturalism, so to speak.

The article gives some good examples of it's own.
Enjoy! Smile