Am I weird?

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Am I weird?

So I'm wondering if I'm a little too "hardcore" with atheism or something like that.

 I have studied religion and the like for quite some time. But the more I learn and study the more I realize that I have a pretty equal amount of loathing toward all belief systems. Even Eastern thought (Hindu, Buddhism etc) which I was at one time very tolerant toward is starting to crawl under my skin the wrong way. It seems like even the word "belief" bothers me now because it seems to imply "faith" so much. 

So... am I weird?



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I don't think so at all! 

I don't think so at all!  I read your intro and I can tell you I felt many of the same things. I had questions no one could answer, I kept looking and trying to believe, it never 'took'. I couldn't convince myself of it, I thought something was wrong with me. Now I realize I was just refusing to allow myself to be deluded.

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Nope, I think many of us

Nope, I think many of us regualars would agree with you.

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DelphicRaven wrote: So...

DelphicRaven wrote:

So... am I weird?

Nope. Trust me. lol. 

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I some times feel the same

I some times feel the same way. When religious people talk and make claims it makes me feel the same way that I would if someone claimed there was a 100 Foot giant man in their basement and believe it to be 100% true!



"When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called Insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion, it is called Religion." - Robert M. Pirsig,

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Nope.  I started to feel

Nope.  I started to feel very much the same way.  I was into eastern mythology as my belief of choice for awhile, but I see that it's really no better than theism. 

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I use to feel the same way

I use to feel the same way about Wiccans in the same way you felt about eastern religions. Now I'd like to wade through a group of them with a chain saw... but hey, that's just me. So don't feel bad. It's ok to change your opinions.

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I too dislike religion as a

I too dislike religion as a whole.  The whole concept of religion to me is the purest form of evil the world has ever known.  Nothing good comes from religion.  Everything I see religions doing that appear to be good can easily be found in secular communities, just without the hidden agenda of converting those that they help.  We can never acheive peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind until religion is erradicated, otherwise we'll keep destroying ourselves in some god's name.

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I feel completely in line

I feel completely in line with all of you. I agree that religion is a tool that is used to control the blind masses and enrich a few. It amazes and disgusts me that people still conform their lives to bronze age myths.

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"The day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the Supreme Being as His father, in the womb of a virgin will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter." -Thomas Jefferson

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No, you are not weird.  It

No, you are not weird.  It is funny how the bells from the church across the street used to only mildly annoy me.  Now I feel like setting up giant speakers to blast AC/DC's Hell's Bells at them about 5 times a day.  Ahhh...perhaps we are all a little weird.  Weird is good, right?


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I think religion, more or

I think religion, more or less for people today, the masses is to cover up their fears while the leaders of said religion use it as a way to gain power. But eh, ever since I can remember I've never liked religion. Even when I was little, and like 8ish or so, And I heard of believe in Jesus or go to hell, I chose not to believe in Jesus because even at that age I knew that something wasn't right about it. But eh, I'm still learning and trying to read up on as much as possible and attain knowledge. And the more I learn about religion and it's horrors that greatly outshine it's glories [ the barely few that they have ] the more I am inclined to dislike it as well.

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Wierd is a relative term. I

Wierd is a relative term.

I don't think you're wierd. That may or may not be a good thing.

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I guess I was reflecting a

I guess I was reflecting a lot on transitions today and I realized how completely anti-theology in almost any form I have become. I use to think the Buddhists were harmless, and now I just roll my eyes at it all. Christians upset me beyond recall. The more I study, the more I look into things the more I feel like the world is run by a bunch of people who need to be put in mental institutions rather than in an office. I can't believe that the people who run the nation don't even believe in evolution. I mean come on! And then you have the psycho 25% who think Jesus is coming this year ALSO think that the war in Iraq is a good thing. (Praise Jesus we're welcoming in the Apocalypse! He'll be so proud!)

 So then you have the Buddhists and Hindus. Okay, if I was taking all of the religious people in the world and lining them up in an order of people most harmless first, I'd probably put Buddhists there. Maybe. But it's the SAME THING. And what bothers me so much about it is that it's such a "fad" right now, string it in line with Kabbalah and you have two major hit religions staring you in the face. If you want to rebel, but rebel in a "cool" way, go be Buddhist. They are so chic. Give me a break. Maybe if your a guy you should be a Buddhist AND wear girl pants. You'll be so cool society won't even know what to do with you.

It's like the major conversion rates follow the trends. Go watch what Madonna does and get in line to do it next and you'll be just fine.. but oh hell, don't even TRY to understand what you are following... because understanding things is so "un cool". 

Mystics, Wiccan's included, in my mind (just as I stated in my blog) are playing 365 days of Halloween. I can't even stand to be around most Mystics a lot of the time. I just want to slap them until they feel like they are older than 12. I really like it when they try to sway me to their belief. "Oh we don't believe in the Christian God but we believe in Isis.. she's so much cooler." Then they look at you with that "I'm so philisophical society can't put limits on my intelligence" look that makes me leave the room and throw up in the nearest toilet.

 I'm just sick of it all, I think. I'm sick and tired of hearing about how every one's religion is so cool. I feel like I'm at a damn sales rally all the time. And then I get disheartened because I talk to people about things, I am involved in my community. I vote, I publish my ideas, I do all that crap... but it seems like NOTHING is changing. So then what?

 Wow.. sorry about the rant. 

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Nimitz68 wrote: I use to

Nimitz68 wrote:
I use to feel the same way about Wiccans in the same way you felt about eastern religions. Now I'd like to wade through a group of them with a chain saw... but hey, that's just me. So don't feel bad. It's ok to change your opinions.

Wiccans wouldn't be so bad if they would just stop thinking their religion is 100's of years old. If I hear one more Wiccan wail about "the burning times" one more time, and not be referencing a time when she was sitting around and all her weed caught on fire, I'm going to throttle her with her own pentacle. Seriously, it's not that old a religion at ALL. It's so very recent. It's man made! GAH! It's so recent we know the name of the man who invented it! 

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I really like it when

I really like it when people "remember" that kind of crap like it actually happened to them. My bet is that most Wiccan's don't even know what the "burning times" really are, just like most Christians don't know their own way through the bible. It's stupid really. I love that bumper sticker that says "he died 2000 years ago, get over it." I think that same thing is applicable to the "burning times" and whatever else people hold onto to justify their own delusions.


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No, my friend, you are not

No, my friend, you are not weird at all. And I share your loathing of it all. Me too with Buddhism. I was not only tolerant of it, but I had some admiration for it until I found out that there's no chance for women to experience nirvana next time around because we happen to be born as girls.

It makes no sense! We have to bear the responsibility of carrying the offspring of our species in our unworthy, female-gendered bodies for 9 months because only the half of us that are female and of child bearing age can do it; and it is us who have to go back to that shitty place called "earth" as (possibly mean) men before any chance of closeness or intimacy with nirvana? Are you kidding me? (Accually, I don't mind much because orgasims are pretty close)

And yeah, I used to hate them all too (what is with their obession with sex and sex with kids anyway?). But I don't know what the fuck is happening to me because lately feel sorry for them because their phoney religion can be embarrassingly useless especially after watching that abc debate. Because of that, I now give them the benefit of doubt (possibly a more feminine characteristic that doesn't seem to have much merit in organized religion). You know... like that "innocent until proven guilty" thing? So now I have my very own Christian-like cliche... ...(okay, wait for it...wait for it!)...


I lay more blame on the *organization* of religion and not the religious freak or the religion itself.

Yeah, it's my very own, "I don't blame the sinner, I blame the sin itself (and satan and/or whoever else is convenient...)" thing that Christians use...

Yeah, I know... I know... I feel horrible and conflicted...

Hello, my name is Julia Rain. I am an atheist and this is my testimony.

(dramatic music here)

I am a skeptic of everything including myself. I ask too many questions and demand too many answers. I secretly think that religion isn't that bad and the organization of it is what corrupts rational thinking and brings bloody wars. As far as I am concerned, religion should only be between a person and their god/belief. Yeah, kinda like that old... "sex should only be between you and your partner(s) and it's nobody's business but their own" thing.

I feel there should be no middle man to talk/connect to one's god/beliefs and it is no one else's business, so I think we keep it and our money (unless you want to give it away or somthing) to ourselves. And why should anyone care about what I think because, in the end, it doesn't really matter and it's nobody's else's business but mine.

I am so sorry because I feel like I have betrayed my fellow atheists and heavly consider what the consquences of my actions and decisions may be. I have conditioned and encouraged myself over the years to try to be sympathtic and compassionate to everyone...including theists, racists and homophobics until they have imposed and caused suffering to others at which point I will *not* forgive them again and again like those priests have been forgiven and 'repented' then go out and abuse children again. Why did I try to condition myself this way? I still don't know. Oh, I think I have an idea, but I am skeptical.

The Rational Responders forum is my (current) crack even though I have sloppy typing skills and am still a noob. I suck at spelling and my eyes are bleeding because of my gluttoness reading in the their forums.

Speaking out today is my first tiny step to helping save humanity from irrational thinking and religious wars and I hope my recovery brings forth many more tiny steps that lead to a continuing journey of self-discovery that includes giving aid to those less who happen to be less fortunate.

I confess my sins. If this is not worthy, then please, help me and guide me so that I may join you in hell.



I don't think you are weird at all.


Judge: god, you have been accused of existence! What do you have to say for yourself?

god: I am innocent until proven guilty, your honour!

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Wow... your quite a

Wow... your quite a thinker.

 It seems so hard to see the difference between religion itself and the believer themselves these days that it is almost impossible to distinguish between the two. I think that's probably why so many people lump religion and the believer in one category. Religion is just an idea, it's the person that puts it into motion and because of that the two (concept and person) are interwoven like lovers, where one is you get the other. It's very rare that people really see the difference between the two. Kind of like a yin-yang but it's not a balance, instead its two things relying very heavily on each other.

 I think people sell themselves short when they follow religion. The wars piss me off, but what bothers me even more is the fact that it seems as though as soon as someone adheres to a religion and determines that their life will follow those teachings - the person automatically sells themselves short.  Humans have so much potential. It flays me raw to see all these people who just blindingly trust, or never ask questions, or completely clean themselves of all logical thought. Christianity or eastern thought, in the end people are all sheep...

And THAT is what bothers me about religion. Sometimes I want to shake people and scream "does it HURT to not think?"

Drones wearing different clothes.


Prayer: How to do nothing and feel like your doing something.