UK/English RRS Chapter....

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UK/English RRS Chapter....

OK. If there isn't a RRS Chapter in the UK let's get one started and let's get it active.

I'm happy to take some lead roll as I'm well known among the lilly-livered anti-creation groups as someone who doesn't take this lying down. I also refuse to fight with theists of any kind since they are just part of the problem. For that reason alone I've left a couple who became spoilt as they had to give ground to watery theists for and were afraid of offending them.

For me, there's no such thing as a rational theist; the very phrase is an oxymoron.

At a recent rally against creationist teaching in the UK, the turnout was poor because in spite of lots of interest very few people have the guts to do something. By "something" I mean holding a plackard - not sending mailbombs or other illegal activity!

AH! I need a better editor! One faulty keypress and I lose the whole post!

Thought for the week. Got to your local church, sit in the back for a while and right in the middle of prayer, run out waving your hands and screaming, "HELP! The Stupid has me!"