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Old post elsewhere


I found a kept copy of a board post from April 2005. I think I'm a little bit harsher now than I was then. I would not even entertain the thought of an 'atheist monument' nowadays.

Topic: What phrase would you like to see on a monument to atheism?

Recently, in an online forum, I was asked which single thought could convey the precepts of atheism to the world. That is a heavy question. I took the challenge and weighed each and every answer that came to mind to the best of my ability. I arrived at this: “Thank humanity for the future and curse god(s) for the past.” I realized a nanosecond after posting this that I would need to dig into the emotions that I felt upon arriving at this answer.

Humanity gives far too much credit for this beautiful world to ungrateful imaginary beings. The beauty found within the constructs of the modern world is a testament to mankind’s desire and vision. Architects throughout history have endeavored to make structures that are both efficient and beautiful. They do so because those traits are intrinsic to human nature. After the inspiration phase, which brush strokes did god help Michelangelo paint? How many stones did god carry to Giza? How many I-beams did god rivet on the Sears Tower?

I have a great sense of hope for our future. We continuously seek the answers to whichever question rears its ugly head. Some queries take years, even decades to decide upon. Then even when we believe that we have answered the original question, we reevaluate the question and the answer. That means that we are careful with the power that comes with being the dominant species upon the planet. It also acts to temper our kindness with justice.

In present-day society, we are confronted with several issues that are being carefully addressed and evaluated for their impact upon the world. The technological advances made in communication have aided in the pursuit of a ‘world-mind’ that, in the future, could ensure that every human voice can be heard. Our best hope for the future lies within our ability to answer questions and carefully weigh circumstances and consequences in regard to everyone. We are trying to use reason to alter our environment and purpose so that the next generation may take its steps to further advance the human existence. Thank you humanity.

Our past is riddled with examples of aberrant religious behavior that have overshadowed the beauty of our achievements. Instead of striving toward an equal status for all, we have used intimidation, force, and superstitious fear to subjugate facets of our society.
Wars have been waged in the name of god(s) with each side claiming divine influence and neither rising to supremacy.

We have inhibited scientific advancement using interpretations of texts translated from ancient languages written hundreds of years ago. The religious community’s motivations for hindering scientific advancement are unclear but its effects are evident. Religious moral law has caused the deaths of millions by its impediment of medical technologies. Some decisions made that have affected all of humanity have their roots based in religious morality rather than logical reason. I will not forget nor forgive. Curse your god(s).

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