clothing? how primitive!

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clothing? how primitive!

Early man did not wear clothes. The african plains did not require the use of clothing for protection. Advanced tribal hunting communities would utylise animal hides for camaflouge, and eventually a little here and there would be used for body decoration, but it wasn't essential to wear clothes.

As tribes moved north away from the african plains, they encountered inhospitable landscapes and environmental dangers that proved detrimental to their continued survival. It became necessary to find new methods for countering the effects of the new terrain. Man, being ever industrious, used animal hide clothing for protection against the chill winds and environmental hazards.

Thus began the tradition of wearing clothes.

As early agricultural settlements formed, the clothing tradition became more formalised. Traditions became dogma, and continued to influence cultures around the globe.

Today, with our modern technological advances, we still hold to those ancient conventions. Most people conceive of the nude body as an object of shame. This is particularly true in the Christianised west, where it is taught that the first humans felt ashamed when they realised that they were naked.

With the ability to regulate environment, there are very few reasons left for actively expending vast amounts of monetary resources on clothing. Clothing is an unnecessary burden for the modern man. Let the primitives have their animal hides, but let the rest of us be free!

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clothing? how primitive!

Hawt, you're advocating nudism.

Oh wait, this is 2006: Obesity is the new HIV. Why the frig would I want people naked!?!



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