Theists and self denial

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Theists and self denial

Whats with the whole self denial thing and theists?  I mean, I know they believe that by starving themselves, giving away their property, harming their body, and locking themselves up they somehow come closer to god, but who the hell came up with that idea?  They purposely make their lives harder and think their stupidity makes them better than the rest of us.

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The answer to that lies in

The answer to that lies in who benifits.  When you give up your property who do you give it too? The church.  You starve yourself, you have more money to give the church.  As for beating the crap out of themselves, I don't know, but cult leaders have been known to requests the craziest things from there followers.  I personally believe its to take complete control over them and wear down their mind and body so they don't have the energy to question their faith.

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It's my understanding that

It's my understanding that the first thing to do if you want to indoctrinate someone is deprive them of sleep and deprive them of protein.

Seems like this would be a good start to signing all your possessions over to the cult, er, church.

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I think the beating the

I think the beating the crap out of themselves, can release a lot of chemicals that make them feel all euphoric, and that can further their belief in the system.

Sounds made up...
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I think Arletta has it bang

I think Arletta has it bang on. A central feature of the religious viewpoint is always that you should not focus on your hardship in this world - in fact, you should seek out hardship and sacrifice in order to receive your reward in the next world. It isn't hard to see why this viewpoint would be rather useful to promote...if you're a feudal baron trying to keep the peasents from revolting against your oppressive rule.

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