What would be a Christ-like life?

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What would be a Christ-like life?

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." -Gandhi

Assume Christianity followed a more defined system of ethics similar to Buddhism, such that Christ is a highly revered figure who should be emulated in day to day practices, rather than external church ideas influencing the religious practice. Followers try to do things as Christ did and follow his teachings exactly. The idea of being more "Christ-like" is the emphasis of this religion. Based on the Bible, what would these ideals be?

-Fasting regularly (not just special holidays)
-Regular meditation
-Self enforced poverty
-Rejection of worldly possessions
-Frequent prayer and worship
-Reliance on God to fulfill basic needs instead of society
-Be "like a child"

Followers would reject society and government as it focuses on worldly deeds. Monastic life would be ideal for everyone, not just priests.

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Don't forget petty theft,

Don't forget petty theft, vandalism, disruption of legally sanctioned public functions, civil disobedience, and advocating hatred!

These acts are all in the bible, too.


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Jesus also preached that if

Jesus also preached that if you want to be a christian, you have to leave your family and belongings behind. There was a verse about not looking back or stopping to bury your dead, and so forth. I interpret that to mean you must be a transient, living on wild berries and preach the "good news" to every town you visit. Owning a home, car and garage, marrying and having kids takes your sights off what Jesus said one must do in order to get to heaven.

Being "Christ-like" isn't about loving your neighbor as yourself, because in order to follow christ, you won't have neighbors. You have to give up everything you own and follow him.

How many people who proclaim to be christians live this way? 



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Simply following Christ,

Simply following Christ, I'd have to go against the religious teachings of the day... tick.

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Don't forget arrogance,

Don't forget arrogance, getting angry with people for asking you to explain yourself when you talk in parables, and responding to those who disagree with you with threats rather than intellectual discussion.

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