Prophet syndrome

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Prophet syndrome

Critics of the Near Death Experience cite the release of the hallucinogenic Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) from the pineal gland, or that Glutamate is released when cells die causing a natural release of NMDA receptor blockers which produce the same effect as the hallucinogenic drug Ketamine.

What if people naturally hallucinate in rare situations? For example, while driving or hiking. Could the chemicals needed to produce a hallucination occur naturally under extreme stress or isolation such as spending days in the wilderness or desert? What if such chemicals could be produced naturally in the brain as a sort of brain disorder? If the brain can accidentally produce its own hallucinogens, then these accidents may explain one or more of the following:

-Alien abduction and close encounters with aliens
-Ghosts, spirits, angels
-Sightings of mythical creatures (Bigfoot, succubus, wights)
-Communication with gods or deities
-Buddhist enlightenment
-Out of body experiences, astral projection
-Visions or divine revelation

Could there be a "prophet syndrome" where a person receives natural hallucinations in order to believe they see the divine, which would inspire various religious writings? Muhammed, Bahá'u'lláh, Edgar Cayce, or any person that has claimed to recieve divine communication.

Or, the Incans, Mayans, Egyptians, Norse, Greek, African, Sumerian, Babylonian, Mesopotamian, and any civilization that has physically depicted their gods. Could their prophets have visualized their gods in order to make sculptures of them or other artwork, inspired by an excess of brain-manufactured hallucinogens?

 Could there be any modern diagnosis that would supportthis?