The Church of Atheism

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The Church of Atheism

Would an organization work as a social gathering structure that gave atheistic views to its listeners? Rather than spreading false memes through preaching, the people at the head of the room would give views on why theism is false, and perhaps allow debate across the room rather than one sided "truth telling." There would be community activities such as barbecues and get togethers, and some charity work.

The question is, would any of it be fun? Who would find enjoyment in going every weekend to hear that there's nothing- no afterlife, no God, no divine salvation, no supernatural. Would families really enjoy going to such meetings? Would you have any fun at a social dinner where people celebrate nothing? Would you laugh and talk with all your friends and be cheery knowing that there's no divine reward for your good behavior? What about most of the populace, wouldn't they be depressed with nothing to praise or worship? Praise nothing. Nothing damn you. Go to nothing. Die, and then nothing.

Of course the main drawback is it hurts atheism by conforming to the theist argument that atheism is merely another religion, another system of beliefs, with its own structure and organization just like church, and is therefore a religion that can be chosen. While this would be reason to avoid such a churchlike structure, what if it becomes inevitable? What if, in the next fifty years atheists are drawn to gather together and spread their views to one another and have fancy get togethers and do charity work?


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You've kind of answered

You've kind of answered your own question.

The whole affair would be pretty pointless.  The only reason to talk about theism is for the benefit of theists.  Might as well get together and spend a few hours talking about why pixies aren't real.

I've got lots of friends who are atheists.  We get together and have cookouts, go see bands, meet for happy hour, and enjoy each others' company.  Every once in a while, one of us has had a bad day, and is a little down, but for the most part, we're pretty happy about life in general.  Why wouldn't we be?  Why should we call what we do, "church?'

Of course, I'm not saying atheists should not band together to help end the influence of theism.  I'm a big supporter of atheist causes.  That, however, is work.

After work, my friends and I get together and talk about sports, or the stock market, or girls, or cooking, or well... anything!  That's what you call... fellowship...



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