Atheist Talking Points

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Atheist Talking Points

I don't know if there's a spot on this site that already has this information, but as more and more news segments are popping up about atheists and with a growing number of atheists coming out of the closet and speaking out, it seems to me that we should start compiling a list of the best atheist responses to the standard theist talking points used against atheists. This information is probably somewhere else on the web, but RRS seems to be a growing center for the atheist community (if it can be called that) and should have this information available. After all, the more people who can make strong arguments for their rationality in the media, the better it is for all.

Now it seems to me that there really aren't more than 20 or 30 standard arguments used by theists in the media. And because the typical soundbite now I believe is 7 seconds, a library of rational responses should include both very concise statements to satisfy a 7 second soundbite and slightly longer (maybe paragraph length) arguments that can be used in lengthier forums (ex. newspaper editorials or the rare lengthy broadcast interviews). Also any statistics or factual information of any kind should also include a reliable source for that information (and if possible, an easy means of verifying the accuracy of the info. like a web address). This is just in case someone called you on the statistics or made an inaccurate claim, such as the recent segment that claimed that only 2% of the nation are atheists.

Just a couple of things that come to mind would involve using the Flying Spaghetti Monster as arguments against not being able to disprove God or blind faith or responding to claims that believing something potentially untrue doesn't hurt anyone with talking about how faith healers cause sick people to throw away their medications, stem cell research, abstinance-only sex education, 9/11, etc.