What would you do with omniscience?

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What would you do with omniscience?

Omniscience is the power to know everything.

 Note that you are not all-powerful, and you have the ability to choose "right" or "wrong" actions.

 Some humorous comments are welcome, but I'd think it a shame to devolve this topic into a contest of witty one-liners.

 Since I'd be all knowing, I think I personally would try to convince others in the world of the true things that I knew that mattered most.  I would try to use debate, written word, and the media to disseminate my knowledge.

 As a wise man once said on Reno 911:  "Some say shoot to kill, some say shoot to maim.  I just say empty the chamber & let the Lord decide."

I'd know everything, so I'd know if firing off the truth about everything would be wise or not...  But I think my omniscience would reveal that publicizing "the truth" without filtration would be the best thing to do -- akin to "letting the chips fall where they may."

 Of course, there's no assurance that I'd be able to get my message across or that anyone would take me seriously.  It is conceivable that an omniscient mortal could pass through in this world without any impact. 


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Now when you say "Know

Now when you say "Know everything". Do you mean everything that has happened (Or is happnening now), or everything including things that have yet come to pass

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You have past knowledge and

You have past knowledge and present knowledge, but not future knowledge.

 (Future knowledge makes you an automaton.  If God exists, he is a robot.)

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Darn, I was gonna say guess

Darn, I was gonna say guess what the lottery number would be. Though I'm sure there's some way you could use this to make a shitload of money. Could always tell the FBI exactly where Bin Laden is and get that reward, of course try explaining how you knew...

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I would probably do pretty

I would probably do pretty much what I'm doing now.  I would, in addition, either write a book or some other medium to pass on things that people would find useful.  I would be tempted to explain all of the knowledge, but I have a feeling that it would have to be expressed in language that does not yet exist (concepts that don't have words) and would not translate well.  I would open up whatever my treatise was by saying that it's not intended to be the Truth, but rather my understanding of what's true.  I would give hints for lines of research, so that others could find the truth themselves to publish.  I would help illuminate major crimes by people in government, business, etc.  It would not solve the problems of the world, but it would be a few good steps.

Then I'd take most of the money I made from selling books and so forth to fund the RRS and some other groups and projects , and become a full time professor, lecturor, and debator.  with all-knowledge, who could beat me?


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I wouldn't want it.

I wouldn't want it. Omnipotence sure, not omniscience. Takes away all the fun.

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doctoro wrote: You have

doctoro wrote:

You have past knowledge and present knowledge, but not future knowledge.

(Future knowledge makes you an automaton. If God exists, he is a robot.)


If you had all past and present knowledge wouldn't you be able to use it to predict anything? So you would automatically have future knowledge.

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