The Crusades

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The Crusades

What do you think caused them? Aparently some people have been taught that the only reason was for land and power. Even christian sites are saying the crusades where founded in religion and a slogan during the wars was "God Wills it!"

So what was the real reason? The holyspirit told them to do it? Did they wanted to control a random piece of dirt they can't do much with? Which religion do we want to blame? Should we pull some no-true-scotsmen and say the popes weren't really christian? 

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I think the causes of the

I think the causes of the crusades were:

- land ahoy, possible colonies which shouldn't be neglected, and, of course, a very important strategical point

- artifact hunt in the old city, as it is known that the main knights that have returned have returned filthy rich

- religious fervor of some poor, deluded guys, beyond any hope of sanity

- the Church's intention to destroy some documents which could be used against it

Which one of these goes first, I do not know.

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