Intellectual self-defense in an Age of Unreason Part 1

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Intellectual self-defense in an Age of Unreason Part 1

Hi all,

There is something almost entertaining in reading through the casuistry, sophistry, circular argumentation and special pleading of a millenium of theistic attempts at the proof of god. In a very real sense the dialectic history of argument and counter-argument (every argument that I am aware of has been logically rebutted) should suffice to render God a lifeless anachronism of a pre-scientific world-view.

I found this essay just yesterday when writing a reply to a theist on this forum who was relying on the classic ontological argument often called the argument of the unmoved mover or fargument from first cause (born out of Aristotles philosophy and still in play in various forms till recently). In the real world that's the kid in school who repeats "yeah but who created that...yeah but who created that", like a broken record. 

If you get through this essay you will have a rich suite of intellectual self-defense at your disposal. I'm going to email the author and see ifI can get him to join us here.

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This will be helpful as we

This will be helpful as we compile our rebuttals to the "Numbered Theist Arguments."  I think the "Unmoved Mover" argument is number 3 unless it got de-throned by something even more fallacious. Eye-wink

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