Who do hermaphrodites “lay down” with?

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Who do hermaphrodites “lay down” with?

Who do hermaphrodites “lay down” with?



So much for creating simply "man & women."


So if a hermaphrodite lays down with either a man or a women has this person commited a sin?


Can they only lay down with other hermaphrodites?

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But if they layed down with

But if they layed down with another hermaphrodite...

 Well, they would be commiting greivous acts against both Romans 1:26 and 1:27.  While at the same time one would hope that one set of bloody sheets would be enough to prove both of them as virgins, lest they both be half stoned to death (Deuteronomy 22:13-21)... I say half because there is no punishment for men not being virgins.

 So that's 3 potential sins each right there.  Way to go bible, I guess Hermaphrodites should just stay virgins then?

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since the mods aren't

since the mods aren't letting 'theists' participate in freethinking anonymous threads, you might post this in 'atheist vs. theist' to get theist perspectives on this question. (unless that isn't what you were going for)