Ted Haggard - Richard Dawkins Interview Uncut?

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Ted Haggard - Richard Dawkins Interview Uncut?

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ROTFLMFAO!!!!!  That was

ROTFLMFAO!!!!!  That was priceless.

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fucking brilliant

fucking brilliant

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That was brilliant. And

That was brilliant. And Haggard didn't look much better in the real one either

"Physical reality” isn’t some arbitrary demarcation. It is defined in terms of what we can systematically investigate, directly or not, by means of our senses. It is preposterous to assert that the process of systematic scientific reasoning arbitrarily excludes “non-physical explanations” because the very notion of “non-physical explanation” is contradictory.


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The funniest thing about it

The funniest thing about it is that he really didnt have to change much of the dialogue.

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Thanks for starting my day

Thanks for starting my day off with a great laugh!!!  I'm going on YouTube now to find the "cut" version...lol!