CNN Paula Zahn Now - Info about Muslim Indoctrination instances mentioned

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CNN Paula Zahn Now - Info about Muslim Indoctrination instances mentioned

This is probably: a) the wrong place to put a thread like this, b) unnecessary, or c) both. But anyway - on that "atheist" panel on the Paula Zahn show, Debbie Schlessel made some cryptic references to Muslim cases of indoctrination that have gone ignored by atheists. Brian Sapient said in his rebuttal that this was the first time he'd heard of such cases. After about an hour of searching on Google and following-up from there, I got this:

California 7th Grade Muslim Lessons

Eklund vs. Byron Union School District, 05-1539

Muslim prayers at public high school

Fordson High School, Dearson, Michigan

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I sure am feeling dumb

I sure am feeling dumb today.

Would you mind translating that court document for me please? 

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----- Original Message

----- Original Message -----
From: From CNN <[email protected]>
Date: Thursday, February 8, 2007 8:48 pm
Subject: From CNN

> Dear Paula Zahn Now Viewer,
> Please be advised that due to breaking news coverage of the death of Anna Nicole Smith, the program "Out in the Open: What happened to love thy neighbor" scheduled to air this evening on Paula Zahn Now has been rescheduled for Monday night, February 12. Thank you for your interested, and for being our valued viewer.
> Regards,
> CNN Public Information

My response:

Dear CNN Public Information,

Let me update your public information. I am not a Paula Zahn Now viewer.
I've watched the show once, and in that episode, my strongly held
beliefs in science and reason were completely misrepresented and were the subject of ridicule by your bigoted and completely uninformed panelists, who made remarks which, if against any other group of people, would have sparked outrage and been called prejudice.

And after voicing my complaint of your biased journalism through your website, to add insult to injury, no official apology was made either to myself personally or to the larger Atheist community on your show. Instead, all I received was an auto-response email which in know way addressed the offense, and this 2nd email, which also contains no apology. Rest assured that me and my fellow Atheists will not be watching your show until a public apology is made to the Atheist community and another panel discussion (this time consisting of an actual Atheist and individuals who actually know something about Atheism) occurs on your show.

Your friendly neighborhood Atheist,