On God

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On God

This is a very short essay that I wrote I believe two months ago. It argues that even if a god were possible that one must submit to agnosticism and not a religion defined by man. I am a former Presbyterian from my youth and ever since I broke away from the shackles of Christianity I have shifted between atheism and agnosticism. For the past year or two I've remained atheist. I have yet to take the Blasphemy Challenge not in fear, I merely require a camera to record it with. The following is the short essay.

On God
There are two possible beliefs man can have. There is god. There is not god. Some say there are more options, but they are deceived. If there is a god man cannot define him. If there is a god he is uncomprehendable. Man cannot just say, "God has two eyes, two arms, a mouth and two legs," because him saying it will not make it true. He may believe it true, but it does not make it so. Could it be? Of course. It could be anything and it could be nothing. We cannot comprehend a god. We cannot define a god. We can say god has power, but it does not make it so. The bible is written by man. What god has written is in your mind. It is your morals he has written, but he has never promised punishment for breaking them. He wants you to supercede his rule. He wants you to grow, he wants you to break the boundaries and limits of his laws. It has been many years since I believed in god and it will be many more before I do again I imagine. I believe in man. I see man. I feel man. I percieve man and it is he who is real in my perception.

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