I'm too pissy for Daniel Dennett.

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I'm too pissy for Daniel Dennett.

Today I watched a video of Daniel Dennett who comes across as much more of a moderate than, say, Dawkins or Harris. It occurred to me as he spoke that I'm currently not willing to give theists any intellectual quarter. The idea pissed me off.

It's been years since I removed myself from fundamentalism, but I still haven't been able to find my own path and my own friends. I suffer from chronic anger. Just living in this crazy fundy-filled community can set me off. Several therapists have told me I need to move for my own sanity, but chronic illnesses and disability are dogging me.

I've tried a lot of ideas, but I'm feeling discouraged.

I don't want to be this angry all the time. I'm afraid it's a recipe for becoming too radical. I keep saying I don't know what to do with the anger and I don't.

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