Check out "Idiocracy"

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Check out "Idiocracy"

Just recently watched the movie "Idiocracy" created by Mike Judge. I think that many of the people here in these forums could appreciate this film.

The film is a comedic Rip Van Winkle story where an average guy is put into a suspended animation sleep and wakes up 500 year from now. Only instead of waking up to a more advanced utopia, he comes to find that things went backward and he's now the smartest person.

The premise the movie gives is that since people with higher IQ's have less children than those with lower IQ's, and there are no natural predators, evolution started favoring the dumb and humanity begins to de-evolve.

It is an interesting concept. I feel that there is this scary trend in America of disregarding and marginalizing science and critical thought. Mike Judge shows where this trend can lead to.

I'd like to see responses from people who've seen this movie or have a thought about this concept of reverse evolution.

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