Are You an "Angel"?

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Are You an "Angel"?

I got this idea from Majority of Americans believe in angels post

Here we are in the middle of the season of giving. What have you given??
Tuesday is going to be a busy day for me. While Im driving my oldest kid around getting her affairs in order for her FIRST EVER JOB!!!, we will be swinging by a local charity to drop off a couple bags of clothes we've outgrown, or just dont like for any number of reasons, and then to Ashley Furniture to drop off last years coats (outgrown) for the coat drive. Its not much but every little bit helps. Oh yeah and I need to remember to stuff a little card in the bags "compliments of your friendly neighborhood atheist" hehe

Is anyone volunteering at a soup kitchen this year??? Stopped to help someone on the side of the road? Watch your neighbors kids so the parent/s can go out for a rare night out, or a childless run to the store? Have any of you donated your old coats to the yearly "coat drives", donated to the caned food drives they also have, or check in with a local charity to see if there is anything you can do to help out? How about your old clothes? Do you throw them away or drop them off at a local charity? Some will even come pick them up. They recondition and repair furnature and electronics too. If your just going to throw it away, donate it instead. Ever been a DD...drunks are usually very liberal with the name (angel) calling, and funny as all git out too!...LOL

Just thowing out Ideas. Oh and if they ask what they owe you, tell em to "Pay it Forward" or do the same or similar for another person.
Its really not that hard Eye-wink

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I volunteer at the Food

I volunteer at the Food Bank when time permits and donated a crap load of clothes I no longer needed earlier this year. I like your idea of putting a little note in the pocket, and will try it next time - couldn't hurt.


Thing is, when I do stuff like that, I don't expect anyone to thank me - that's not why I do it. I wish more people would care to ask and not assume I'm doing it out of some sort of religious conviction more often though.

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I'm an Angel!!   yeah I do

I'm an Angel!!


yeah I do the usual giving food, and donating what ever I don't need.  I don't see the big deal though...I think stuff like that should be expected of people.  And I don't like how everything just gets in the giving mood, when Jesus Day rolls around.  I think it should be all year long.  We don't need a silly holiday to motivate us to help out. 

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I'm with Jerry Seinfeld: 

I'm with Jerry Seinfeld:  "That's what I love about Christmas.  People being helped by people other than me."

Lazy is a word we use when someone isn't doing what we want them to do.
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I'm An Animal Angel?

I guess I'm an animal angel, then.

There are lots of people giving their time, energy and dollars to help the less fortunate. There are a lot fewer people giving their time, energy and dollars to help the animals even though many critters depend solely on us humans for everything.

I've spent countless hours hauling cages, laundering bedding and transporting kitties to off-site shelter adoptions. That's not including the out of pocket expenses for food, litter, beds, etc. I've spent hours interviewing potential adopters and (hopefully) sharing tips on safe and healthy caring of these animals.

I've accompanied people to the vet when they didn't understand what was happening and needed advice. I've taken friends and their pets to the animal emergency room in the middle of the night. I've helped with a few vet bills when a critter really needed help and a friend just couldn't afford it. (Hell! Neither could I, but thank goodness for MasterCard.)

That's the easy stuff. The hardest "kind" thing I've ever done was to go with a friend to have his dying kitty euthanized so that the kitty wouldn't have to be alone and the owner wouldn't have to try to deal with it by himself.

One doesn't do these things because we're angels or because we expect gratitude. It's definitely not due to religious conviction or trying to earn Brownie Points to get into heaven. We do them because we care and it's the right thing to do.

Aw hell. Looks like I just talked myself right out of being an angel.


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